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Daybreak Lions Head Hike

DAYTOUR - R450 pp

3 to 6 pax R400pp more than 6 Pax R350pp

Upcoming Actress with Ferdinand - 8yr Lexy Kolker

Oh. Yes for sure. She is Lexy Kolker 8 years old. Is an actress on Shooter and Marvel’s Agents of Shield loves to travel and loves adventure



    Pick up 2 hours before sunrise at your Hotel.

    Season depending: Winter at +06:00 and Summer + 04:00.

    Reason for this is, in the Northern part of Africa Sunrise is beautiful, but because of our mountains, daybreak is spectacular. That’s why we need to hike up the most hiked mountain in Africa called Lion's Head in the dark, before daybreak.

    Once at the top, you see and hear the city waking up. Yes, you can hear your heartbeat like someone is playing African drums next to you, because there is no noise pollution. The BEST is when you look up in the distance before sunrise, it looks like Picasso and Vincent van Gogh is painting in front of your eyes. Everything changes shape, first you think it's clouds, then you realize it's the mountain that's slowly appearing out of the darkness. Then even better is when the clouds are underneath you, it looks like Cape Town is covered with a blanket.

    I really hope you understand why we sometimes have to sacrifice to wake up early, to experience the beauty of NATURE.

  • What to Wear

    • Trainers are best or hiking boots.
    • A warm jacket in winter and light pullover in summer.
    • No sunblock is needed and if you have a medical illness let your guide know about it before.
    • Small backpack if you want to take your camera along.
    • Other items you can carry on you, flashlight and maybe water.
    • Best to hike up with minimum stuff with you.

Tour include

  • Transport and tour guide

  • Water bottle and snack

  • A warm cup of coffee at the bottom

  • We supply headlamps, but its amazing how your eyes adapt to the darkness

  • Memories of a life time.

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